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Card2U Online Agent Programme - Join Free & Start Earning Now!

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This is an easy way to earn extra income!  Just sign up as Card2U online agent for FREE and you are entitled to 10% commission of every sale you refer.  There is no fee to join.  There is no quota to achieve every month.

You don't need to be proficient in sales in order to sell our cards.  We provide you two easy ways to earn your commission:

Easy Way 1 - Voucher Easy Way 2 - Web & Email
First sign up as agent below.
Once you are an agent, you can generate unlimited number of vouchers.
You can email the voucher to friends or print it out and pass to friends.
Your friends can use the voucher to make purchases from Card2U.
The voucher has your agent ID printed.  We are able to track the referral is from you when a voucher is presented to us.
We will contact you by phone or email and send you your commission.
First sign up as agent below.
Once you are an agent, you can generate a special web address for yourself.
You can email the address to friends or, if you have a web site, you can link to Card2U using that address.
When your friends or visitors to your web site access the web address, we are able to track the referral is from you.
If your friend or customer makes any enquiry on this web site, you will be notified immediately.
If a sale is made out of your good effort, we will contact you by phone or email and send you your commission. 

Do you know how to use web and email?  Then you can become an agent!  No personal selling skills required!

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact us here.

The Conditions

This online agent programme is open to all citizens and residents in Malaysia.
The 10% commission is based on the card price only.  It is not calculated based on the sale amount.  The sale amount could include other charges besides card price.
There is no quota for you to achieve in order to earn your commission.
Card2U agents will be subscribed to Card2U mailing list in order to kept updated on latest happenings.
Card2U reserves the right to amend these conditions whenever necessary. 

Sign Up Free!

Start earning commission here!  Please fill in all information below.

Full Name:
(The name to whom cheques are payable to)
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Location (City / Area):

By signing up, you agree to the conditions stipulated above.

The section below is for existing Card2U online agents only.

Generate Your Voucher & Web Address

For existing agents, you can generate your voucher and web address here.  The voucher and your special web address will be sent to you via email.  You can then forward these to your friends, or print the voucher out and pass to them by hands.  When your friends present the voucher to us when making purchases, we will be able to track the referral is from you.  Or when anyone clicks on your web address, we will be able to track the referral is from you.

Agent ID:
Email Address:


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