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Contest Started - Win Scanner, Camera, Books & Others

Win A Valentine Dinner With Your Loved One

This Valentine Dinner Contest has ended at 11pm, 8th February 2002.  We thank all couples for participating in the contest.

We thank you all for your precious time in this contest.  With over 3,000 couples joining, unavoidably most will not win any prizes.  Don't despair.  We will keep you informed on future contests.  You are invited to join this contest to discuss anything about the contest in this new Card2U discussion board.  We wish you a very romantic Valentine's Day!

Congratulations To Winners!

Please read the instructions on collecting your prizes and send in your short testimony here as required by the contest.

Rank Couple / Player Testimony
1. Ang Ai Tho Goh Chee Khun
(winners of free Valentine dinner for 2 persons at Taman Sari Brasseri Restaurant, Istana Hotel)
winner.jpg (130705 bytes)Congratulations to Oriental Pearl Sdn Bhd that organize this valentine contest successfully. We are happy and feel very lucky that we can end up with top couple. We also like to thank Oriental because through this contest, we have a closer contact with all our relatives and friends. Beside that, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those invited friends, relatives and colleagues. Without their support, we don't have the chance to win. Lastly, we wish all the couples have a happy valentine day
2. Koo Chee Hao Lee Kher Shin None
3. Connie Mooi Jwu Shan None
4. Reaman Selvam Rozita Herlina Reaman Selvam: This is a good contest. We hope that you will do more in future. This will a nice gift to my loved person. Keep up the good job .... Rayrozita.  Thanx u for all my cfriend who join with me for this contest.
c Alfred Leong Kwai Hong Yap Marie Ann Let us first thank you, Card2U, for organizing a great valentine contest. Thanks also go to he staff and members of Card2U for their continuous efforts. We thank, also, to all our friends around us for supporting us. We wish we could acknowledge them all personally.

We look forward to participate for the next coming contest. We wish everyone have a sweet memories & happy Valentines Day.
6. Khaw Cheng Chuan Lee Yin May Khaw Cheng Chuan: I won't the 6th prize in this contest, I am really looking forward for the next contest in Card2U, cheers !!! By the way, I love my darling...Yin May

Lee Yin May: Firstly, we would like to thank Card2U for organizing such an amazing and exciting contest for us. Secondly, this is the first online contest that we have joined and the most happiest thing is that, we WON it as well. I am sure this year's Valentines will be the most memorable for both of us, as it is something really special !! Lastly, we wish everyone will be having a wonderful Valentines day this year. 

7. Elvira Danielle Tang None
8. Tan Voon Kee Tan Boon Fung What a cool online contest!!!  Fantastic and excellent...   This is the first time we celebrate Valentine's day,  and Card2U really gave us a memorable one~   Thanks... We look forward to join your upcoming contest.... see ya~
Mel and Rick~ ^^
9. Kohela Piriya Issac Saravana Bhawan Kohela: This is the best contest we have ever participated in. It has made us work together as a team and we had a very good time. Thanks a lot. We hope that there will be more contest like this in future. Keep up the good job!
10. Tan Kim Pong Tan Go Wa Tan Kim Pong: This is the first contest we joined through net and very lucky we won a prize! we really enjoy and get fun during participation of this contest. Last but not least, thank you very much to Card2U. Hope can join the second contest soon.
11. Jessie None
12. Chris How Chee Heng Ong Seow Huan Chris How Chee Heng: Thank you very much Card2U for giving me the chance to win this prize! I really thank to all my friend that registered after receiving my mail. I will present this gift to my gf as the valentine present.
13. Kelvin How Chan Yue Kuan None
14. Chu Hoon Ping Ong Ming Choo Chu Hoon Ping: First, we like to say thank you to card2u because give us a chance to participate in this valentine contest! thank you! And hope so card2u will do more contest in future! Beside that, we would like to thank all my friends those who join me in this valentine contest, so that we can won for the valentine gift! finally, wish all the couple who joined the contest a Happy Valentine Day!
15. Tan TH  Chon Soon Tiam None
16. Tay Boon Kain Wong Lee Chin None
17. Chin Woon Wooi Tam Siew Lee Tam Siew Lee: We feel that the contest is great & hope card2u will continue bringing us more contests. I hope there will be second & third prize in the future contest too. Thanks
18. Koh Goon Ling Chan Kong Hoong None
19. Tan Hwee Ching Jacky Lim Tan Hwee Ching: We will like to thanks card2u to given out the chances for us to won this great prizes during this double festival in this year. We will wait for another great contest here!!
20. Rosni Md Nor Nur Atikah Mohd Tarmizi Thanks for Card2U for letting me and my partner win, not forgetting all our friends who supported us. Hopefully next year they try harder to be a winner too. It is a very interesting contest, hopefully more online contest by other web sites in Malaysia is being organise. "MALAYSIA BOLEH"

Comments From Other Players

Player Testimony
How Bee Chan First of all i want to thanks Card2U (Oriental Pearl Sdn Bhd) having this contest, this is the first time i join contest via internet and i also wants to thanks my partner (Denie) who supporting me all the time.

Prize Collection Instructions To Winner

Over RM1,000 worth of prizes will be given out.  The top couple will get the free dinner and the top 20 couples will get a mystery gift suitable as a Valentine gift.
Winners can come to Card2U (Oriental Pearl Sdn Bhd) office in Jalan Pudu from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, 9th February 2002 to collect the prizes.  Click here for our address.
If you cannot make it at the above time, please call up Ms Alison at 03-21441150 to fix another date and time.
We wish you could make it at the above time as Chinese New Year holidays are coming.  If you can't collect the prizes at the above time, perhaps you will need to collect after the holidays.
The top couple who wins the dinner is required to collect a voucher for the dinner.
We may verify your registration details with your IC.
Either one or both partners can come.
A photo session will be taken for the top couple.
To prove that the prizes are indeed given out, all winners are required to write a short testimony (what you think of this contest, how you will spend your Valentine Day or any other comments etc.).  Your testimony will be published on this web site.  You can submit the testimony within 1 week after the end of contest, although immediate response before Valentine Day is much preferable.  You can send your comments to contest@card2u.com.my from the email address you used in the contest.
To prove that the prizes are indeed given out, the identities of the winners (names and email addresses) will be published on this web site

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Your Comments Wanted!

Having experienced this contest, what do you think?  The developer of Card2U web site wishes to hear your suggestions on how to improve for future contests.  Send in your comments here.


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