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Card2U Links & Resources

Please visit these wonderful web sites and homepages.

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Useful tips for wedding planning, guide to beauty, Chinese wedding tips, wording for wedding invitation and many others!

Visit http://just4you.faithweb.com


This is a comprehensive one-stop wedding portal for your needs in wedding planning, beauty & health, sex & love and many other resources.

Visit http://www.surfwedding.com


For PHP Programmers - Free PHP Class Builder
This is presented by Card2U web team for web programmers using PHP around the world.  This is a very simple class builder to build PHP classes for object-oriented programming (OOP) 

Visit http://www.card2u.com.my/ClassBuilder


Web Design With Internet Marketing
Want to get a web site like Card2U?  BizPartner does not stress on how fancy your web site will be, but how profitable your web site will become for your business.

Visit http://bizpartner.com.my


Tran Du Nguyen's Web Site
Thanks to Tran Du Nguyen for letting us link to her music from Card2U music page.  Please visit her web site for more music and interesting stuff!

Visit http://www.geocities.com/vienna/8503/


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