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Card2U Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy on the Internet.  This privacy policy outlines how we deal with your personal information collected from this web site.  This privacy policy is last updated on 19th September 2001.

Information Collection

Your personal information collected through this web site include, for example:

Your name

Your email address

Additional optional information may be collected depending on which form you fill in on this web site.

The above information are collected by Oriental Pearl Sdn Bhd, a card business incorporated in Malaysia.  Oriental Pearl is the company operating Card2U.  Find out more about the company profile.

Card2U's mailing list is managed by BizPartner.  You may receive occasional news from BizPartner as well.

Information Handling

Your personal information collected is for our internal use only.  It is never transferred, sold or rent to any outside party, except in the following circumstances:

To conform or comply with legal processes.

You have given us the explicit consent to do so.

Your personal information is used by us to send you email updates on latest news, events, packages, contests, offerings and other goodies.

Use of Cookies

Card2U makes use of one cookie to store the language preference of yours.  If you have set your start page to Bahasa Malaysia edition (by clicking on the Bahasa Malaysia link on top of every page), a cookie is stored on your PC with a validity period of 3 months.  Every time you revisited Card2U, you are presented with the Bahasa Malaysia version.

If you are using the default English edition, no cookie is set on your PC.

To delete the cookie set, you can click on the English link on top of every page.  Your default start page will change to English version and the cookie will be deleted.

Third Party Content

The e-card service of this web site is not provided by us but by 123Greetings.com at http://www.123greetings.com.  We are their associate using their service to provide to our web site visitors.  The service is not controlled by us and therefore, this privacy policy does not cover the e-card service.  We cannot be made responsible for any information collected while you are using the service.  You can find 123Greetings.com's privacy policy at http://www.123greetings.com/privacy_policy/

What You Can Do

You can unsubscribe from our announcement list anytime by contacting us here.

If you have any enquiries over the privacy policy, or if you find us not living up to this promise, you can contact us at info@card2u.com.my


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